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Laboratory Incubators & Ovens

Laboratory Incubators And Ovens
Laboratory Incubators & Ovens comprises custom built solutions that are precision designed and developed to meet specific process requirements in setups involving laboratory, industrial furnaces and ovens. These incubators and ovens are designed can also be delivered to meet the customized requirements. As experienced incubators and oven manufacturers in India, these can be offered in different operating specifications as desired in specific applications. The range of lab incubators and ovens offered include BOD Incubators, CO2 Incubators, Egg Incubators, Orbital Shaking Incubators, Hybridization Oven, Industrial Drying Oven, Hot Air Oven and Vacuum Oven. The equipment range is noted for their quality, reliability and performance, while remaining cost competitive throughout. Further, these are based on Digital Display Microprocessor based temperature controller that allows achieving optimum process standards.

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BOD Incubators

BOD Incubators are designed for meeting the specific end process application needs in different working environments. As experienced BOD incubator manufacturers from India, we can deliver these BOD incubator models in standard and custom tuned specifications including availability in different sizes and capacities like from 36 liters to 1000 liters. These are made with double walled construction with gapping between inner and outer walls coming insulated with polyurethane foam for reducing the running costs. Further, with exterior chamber made of mild steel in powder coated finish and internal chamber available in stainless steel finish, thee incubators come with doors available in glass or solid finish. Some of its standard features include microprocessor P.I.D. temperature controls, use of CFC free refrigerant, Digital display temperature and others.

  • Providing fast and accurate results.
  • Microprocessor P.I.D. temperature control.
  • CFC Free Refrigerant.
  • Digital Display Temperature.
  • Safety Thermostat.
  • Over / Under Counter Design.
  • Spare parts available at stock.

Technical Specifications:
455 x 410 x 610 4 112 Ltr
505 x 415 x 830 6.1 171 Ltr
565 x 565 x 865 10 280 Ltr
650 x 580 x 900 12 336 Ltr
700 x 650 x 900 12 420 Ltr

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CO2 Incubators

CO2 Incubators offered by us are precision designed and developed Carbon Dioxide Incubators that are specifically designed to handle the needs of providing ideal tissue culturing conditions and feature construction standards that are highly resistant to contamination. Further, these are simple and reliable in terms of performance and find usage in photosynthesis and other biological experiments that take place under laboratory conditions with an aim to allow growth of organisms in optimal monitored and balanced conditions concerning temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity. We can offer these incubators in configurations including Dry wall, Water jacket and Air jacket options.

Here, the Air draft incubators offered are preferred larger-volume models which are designed to provide for quicker recovery times and circulation of air throughout interiors of incubator to maintain constant temperatures. Other than this, Dry wall incubators offered have advantage of better adaptation to ambient changes and at the same time also requires less maintenance. Further, the Water-jacketed incubators offer advantage in form of stable temperature control and providing increased security in event of power failure (because of water's natural insulation abilities).

Material of Construction:
  • Most versatile systems for biochemical oxygen demand determination
  • Come with castor wheel mounted double walled cabinet
  • The inner chamber comprises stainless steel sheet of grade SS 304 and outer wall comprises heavy gauge PCRC steel that provides durability in construction
  • Sheet duly degreased & pre treated with primers for rust proofing
  • Coming in duly painted attractive stove enamel or powder coated finish

Temperature Range:
  • The temperature range is 5 Degree C above ambient to 60 degree C

Temperature Control:
  • Temperature inside CO2 incubator controlled by intelligent programmable temperature controller & indicator
  • Controller based on microcontroller nano watt technology and suits specific requirement of CO2 Incubators like Thermal & DOT Matrix interface, Datalogger facility
  • Direct data load facility in computer office automation software like MS-Word & Excel
  • Carbon Dioxide can be provided inside chamber through inlet nozzle provided on cabinet through CO2 cylinder
  • Gas flow can be regulated through use of flow control valve with CO2 regulator
  • Air can be admitted through nozzle fixed on cabinet
  • Flowmeter for checking flow of CO2
  • Air compressor for checking air flow (can be supplied as optional)

Accurate Infrared CO2 Control System:
  • The Carbon Di Oxide Incubator uses non-dispersive infrared CO2 sensor that is microprocessor based
  • The technology used in the system allows energy to be diffused in detector through CO2 concentration in form of gas between source and detector
  • Wavelengths used are absorbed by filter in CO2 bandwidth, thus making measurements insensitive to other components like water vapor
  • Advanced design that provides for stable drift-free output which requires less frequent calibration
  • As sensor is present within chamber air plenum, it allows very accurate CO2 control to be achieved

Lighting System:
  • Exterior illumination provided through fluorescent tubes fitted on both sides of chamber
  • This arrangement accounts for artificial day light with cyclic illumination conditions regulated through automatic 0-24 hrs. timer
  • When all tubes are in ON condition, temperature from 15°C to 50°C +1°C can be obtained

Technical Specifications:
570 x 875 x 550 mm 10 cu. ft 280 Ltrs
775 x 900 x 775 mm 20 cu. ft 560 Ltrs
835 x 1200 x 825 mm 30 cu. ft 840 Ltrs
900 x 1720 x 800 mm 45.8 cu. ft 1282 Ltrs

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Egg Incubators

Egg Incubators offered by us are used in process where eggs are artificially hatched under controlled and favorable conditions. This system helps in achieving conditions that allow development of embryo within the egg which further leads to successful hatching. As these incubators are backed by latest technology support, these are able to maintain favorable incubation environment including handling constant temperature needs required in the involved process over a specified period. These are electrically heated using a thermostat and also feature ideal intelligent control system that allows correct measurement of heat quantity from "mature eggs" through automatic operations, adjusting hatching control temperature constantly. These can work in varied temperature range from ambient to 70° C that is controlled by “JUMO”/ EGO” German Capillary type thermostat having accuracy of + 0.5° c.

  • Capacity of chicken egg number: 2000 pcs.
  • Period of egg turning: 90 minutes.
  • Hatching rate more than 96%.
  • Lifetime: 10-12 years.
  • Auto egg turning system.
  • Auto alarm.

  • 50 eggs.
  • 100 eggs.
  • 200 eggs.
  • 250 eggs.

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Orbital Shaking Incubators

Orbital Shaking Incubators come specifically designed for achieving a combined advantage of creating controlled incubation/storage-temperatures with orbital shaking support that finds requirements in many of laboratory procedures like in fermentation studies, tissue cultures, enzyme reactions, aging tests, growth studies, controlled Incubation and others. These incubators come with brushless induction drive motor with frequency drive that makes unit also suitable for precision handling continuous non-stop operations. Here, the presence of stepless electronic frequency control also ensures gentle start and maintaining speed as desired. Further, presence of compact counter balanced drive mechanism also allows high process stability & reliability even in work stages involving continuous operations and uneven load distribution. Some applications these are used in include Cell aeration, Cell culturing, Solubility studies and others.

Shaking Incubator Applications:
  • Cell Cultures
  • Cell Aeration
  • Microbiology
  • Increasing Solubility Rates
  • Metabolism Studies
  • Bacterial Cultures
  • Bacteriology

Salient Features:
  • Inner Chamber S.S. 304 & Outer chamber M.S. powder coated with Plexi glass inner door.
  • Variable speed from 20 RPM to 250 RPM.
  • Digital display of speed with preset facility.
  • Shaking amplitude 25 mm.

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Hybridization Oven

Hybridization Oven
Hybridization Oven is the preferred technique for hybridization in current day laboratory environment. Here, the incubation takes place inside oven under constant rotation, thus providing for even distribution of probe solutions over membranes. Further, these hybridization ovens also offer advantages like higher through put, better agitation and requiring less volume per membrane area, thus providing for more savings for the laboratories. Further, the 0 – 15 RPM range also permits hybridization & washing at different rotation speeds at touch of a dial. These also include jogging switches that allow users to incrementally rotate carousel so as to ensure easy loading and unloading operations. Working on 220/230 volts A.C, these ovens also come with air circulation fans that are provided for ensuring temperature uniformity.

  • Accurate temperature control for improved experimental results.
  • Multiple rotisserie fittings for flexible choice of consumable.
  • Interchangeable rotisserie/shaking platform for hybridization and washing procedures.
  • Stackable format allows better utilization of laboratory space.
  • Variable speed settings for protocol optimization.
  • Two medium bottles, one bottle gripper, one mesh and hybridization guide (222060).
  • Stainless-steel rotisserie, 35mm clips, 10-bottle capacity.

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Industrial Drying Oven

Industrial Drying Oven is the well suited solution for industrial heating, drying, roasting, curing, power coating and other similar applications that are part of production process in Plastic Food and Glass industries. With these ovens helping in effectively removing surface moisture prior to painting operations, their precision engineered finish allows maintaining of precise temperature control over wide temperature range that suit different paint finishes. Further, these ovens are also high on energy savings as well as are cost effective, hence matching up to the needs of profitable working in today’s competitive market. With heating generated through electric or steam methods, the structure of these drying ovens is in form of a double walled unit which is mounted on sturdy angle iron frame for delivering stable and precision performance.

Salient Features:
  • Infrared Heating.
  • SUS Belt Conveyor and Tunnel.
  • Long Entrance and Exit Table.
  • Perfect Exhaust Design.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Long life.
  • Versatile usage.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Temperature range:300 degree Celsius.

Available Size (WxDxH):
  • 90 x 60 x 90 cm.
  • 90 x 90 x 90 cm.
  • 90 x 90 x 120 cm.
  • 90 x 90 x 150 cm.
  • 90 x 60 x 180 cm.
  • 120 x 120 x 120 cm.
  • 120 x 120 x 150 cm.
  • 120 x 90 x 180 cm.
  • 120 x 120 x 180 cm.
  • 100 x 100 x 200 cm.

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Hot Air Oven

Hot Air Oven solutions offered by us comprise use of sturdy double walled units that come with outer chambers made of enamel painted M.S. sheet and inner made up of stainless steel sheet. With the gap between inner & outer chamber filled with high grade glass wool so as to avoid thermal losses, the beaded heating elements are placed in ribs at bottom as well as the sides so as to ensure uniform temperatures are maintained at all ends. Further, with temperatures controlled by microprocessor based PID Digital Temperature Indicator-cum–Controllers, these hot air ovens come with features like Air ventilators provided on sides of unit, Temperature ambient up to 250° with least count of 1°C and economical functioning as these are based on latest German Technology.

Salient Features:
  • Temperature ambient up to 250° with least count 1°C.
  • Most economical with Latest German Technology & modern aesthetics.
  • Double metal sheet body with air pocket keeps the machine cool.
  • Three fans for cooling body, door & Even temperature inside chamber respectively.
  • Digital temperature control with Display.
  • Thermostat added to control the transfer of heat for fine temperature control.
  • Insulated glass door window to view the sample.
  • Perforated stainless steel removable two racks for keeping samples.

Technical Specifications:
300 x 300 x 300 mm(12” x 12” x 12”) 28
350 x 350 x 350 mm(14” x 14 “ x 14”) 45
400 x 400 x 400 mm (16” x 16” x 16”) 65
450 x 450 x 450 mm (18”x18”x18”) 95
600 x 450 x 450 mm (24”x18”x18”) 125
600 x 600 x 600 mm (24”x24”x24”) 224
900 x 600 x 450 mm (36”x24”x18”) 252
900 x 600 x 600 mm (36”x24”x24”) 336
900 x 900 x 900 mm (36”x36”x36”) 730

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Vacuum Oven

Vacuum Ovens come in double walled finish with the inside chamber made of thick stainless steel of 304 grade and outside chamber made of pre greased, pretreated (for rust proofing) and powder coated mild steel sheets. Here, the use of high grade glass wool insulation that is provided between chambers also makes them avoid heat loss as well as achieve uniform drying under vacuum conditions. With the complete functioning based on sophisticated techniques, these vacuum ovens find extensive use in diverse industrial applications.

  • Inside chamber constructed using thick stainless steel of 304 quality grade
  • Outside chamber manufactured using mild steel sheet that come in pre greased, pretreated and powder coated finish for providing in them rust proofing properties
  • Proper glass wool insulation provided between chambers so as to prevent heat loss
  • Systems designed to handle operating temperature ranges from 50°C to 200"C with +1°C accuracy
  • System designed to provide uniform drying through vacuum
  • System providing for precise vacuum control up to 30Hg that is displayed on analog gauge
  • For achieving quick & uniform heating, vacuum chamber fitted with set of quality heaters
  • Digital temp indicator cum controller also provided for supporting the needs of controlling temperatures
  • Door of ovens coming with thick tempered toughened glass window that comes properly sealed with silicon rubber gasket and allows observation without disturbing internal thermal conditions

Rectangular Vacuum Ovens:
We also offer Rectangular Vacuum Ovens that are made available in heavy gauge material finish and are rectangular in shapes with provision of toughen glass window for viewing the sample. These oven types are popular for achieving better performance and longer working life and come with following specifications:
  • Inside chamber made of thick stainless steel S.S.304
  • Outside chamber made of powder coated Mild steel
  • High grade glass wool insulation between two walls to avoid loss of heat
  • Precise vacuum gauge up to 30 H2 analogues
  • Temp controlled by digital temp controller cum indicator

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