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Test Chambers

Test Chambers
SGM test chambers are designed for successfully handling the demands of conducting laboratory and research experiments. Here, our expertise lies in successfully matching up with the demands of all range of test chambers for environmental parameter testing, product testing and other varied applications in temperature range from 100 degree to +250°C and in Humidity of 10%-95% Rh. Other than conducting experiments under controlled conditions, these test chambers are also used for conducting quality control tests on different materials types including motors, cement, electronic circuits & components, electrical fittings, cloth, paper and other products. All these tests are conducted under controlled temperature and humidity conditions so as to gain high accuracy and relevant desired data in the end test results achieved.

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Humidity & Temperature Control Cabinet

Humidity & Temperature Control Cabinet solutions offered by us come precision designed so as to successfully conduct different laboratory as well as research experiments that involve different types of quality control tests that are carried out on materials like cloth, motors, various electrical fittings, electronic circuits & components, cement, paper and others. The offered system allows these tests to be carried out under controlled temperature and humidity conditions. Other than this, the offered Humidity Test Chambers also help in providing controlled environment for varied industrial and biotechnical testing applications. The complete system is developed in a way that allows duplication of natural conditions, allowing testers to understand and map the limitations of samples when they are exposed to different temperature and moisture variations. For achieving smooth process flow, these Humidity cabinets are made available in options of Air-Jacket Models and Water-Jacket Models that are also supported by digital control systems.

These humidity cabinets find usage across different processes like :
  • Shelf Life & Half-Life Testing
  • Packaging
  • Sterility Testing
  • Mil-Specifications
  • Component Burn-In
  • Vapour Transmission

Inner chamber comprises anodized aluminum/S.S. with outer wall comprising S.S. sheet finish that comes in painted finish with the gap between inner and outer walls being 75m.m. This gap is filled with special grade glass wool so as to prevent loss in thermal energy.

Air Circulation:
The Air Circulation chambers are fitted with self cooled air circulation fans that helps in maintaining uniform conditions of humidity and temperatures throughout the chamber.

These chambers offer temperature range that is 5°C above ambient to 60°C. These conditions are controlled by highly accurate "JUMO" "EGO" GERMAN Thermostats which are able to deliver accuracy of + 1°C. Further, the inside temperatures of the chamber are controlled by programmable micro-processor based temperature controller cum indicators.

The Humidity control in the test chambers is brought about through use of imported HUMIDISTAT that allows controlling the desired set humidity range from atmospheric humidity to 95% +3%.

Technical Specifications:
455 x 455 x 455 mm 95 Ltrs
455 x 455 x 710 mm 147 Ltrs
605 x 605 x 605 mm 225 Ltrs
605 x 605 x 910 mm 335 Ltrs

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Photo Stability Chamber

The Photo Stability Chamber assisted in intimate monitoring of temperature, light intensity , and humidity on drug substances as well as rugs. Developed as per the ICH guidelines, the typical features of this chamber are –
  • Compact design
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Use of ozone-friendly refrigerants
  • Available for an extensive voltage range

The chamber features double walled SS mirror polished interior with air plenum, cabinet, supports and shelves. The chamber is also incorporated with UV tubes for ultra violet rays, puff insulation fluorescent tubes and UV energy share of 200 watts for offering day light effect. The chamber comes complete with presence of lotus shaped spring action clamps with stainless steel tray finish and RPM range that varies amid 50 to 250 RPM.

This system possess preset dual display electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator that facilitates the generation of information, permitting arriving at conclusions concerning problems like product's recommended storage conditions as well as shelf life of drug substances. This stability data is required to be deposited as element of dossier which is presented to regulatory agencies for attaining licensing approvals.

  • Double walled construction
  • The inner chamber is designed using anodized aluminum or stainless steel
  • Outer chamber is constructed using painted mild steel sheet
  • The chamber comes completed with 14 changeable perforated trays
  • The system comes with plug and cord to work on 220/230 V (A.C. Supply)

  • The temperature is managed using micro processor based INDICATOR -cum-CONTROLLER that manages temperature from 5°C to 50°C + 1°C

  • A stainless steel reservoir is provided at the bottom to generate humidity
  • The fitted system facilitates providing 90% to 95% + 3% RH Humidity

Lighting System:
  • The cyclic illumination is regulated with the help of automatic 0-24 hrs timer
  • In event of all tubes in ON circumstances, temperature from 15°C to 50°C +1°C can be attained
  • For artificial day light conditions, exterior lighting done with fluorescent tubes fitted on together sides of chamber accounts

Technical Specifications:
570 x 875 x 550 mm 10 cu. ft. 280 Ltrs
775 x 900 x 775 mm 20 cu. ft. 560 Ltrs
835 x 1200 x 825 mm 30 cu. ft. 840 Ltrs
900 x 1720 x 800 mm 45.8 cu. ft. 1282 Ltrs

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Plant Growth Chamber

Plant Growth Chamber solutions offered by us are designed for studying effects of different environmental parameters like humidity micro-organisms, plants & tissues and other similar products. These Plant Growth chambers are frequently used for research applications like –
  • Lighting for vascular plants for facilitating standard plant production
  • Plant pathology research
  • Seedling germination & development

These plant growth chambers and rooms are designed for maximizing growth area and come with features like superior process reliability, energy efficiency, low maintenance and light weight finish. For successful plant growth in laboratory, these growth chambers also provide –
  • Necessary light
  • Enclosed humid atmosphere
  • Warmth

These are also suitable for investigation in effect of day light on flowering cycle, growth rate and other monitoring parameters. For superior performance and thermal insulation, special grade wool comes filled between the gaps of outer and inner walls.

  • Have outer wall made of M.S. sheet (in duly painted finish)
  • Inner wall made up of heavy gauge aluminum/S.S. sheet
  • The space between outer and inner wall filled with high grade glass wool for avoiding thermal loss
  • Other than outer double walled door, full view inner glass door allows close inspection of test samples without any possibility of disturbing inner chamber conditions
  • Unit is supplied with three adjustable preformatted shelves

Temperature Range:
  • Temperature range from 5°C to 50°C+ 1°C
  • Controlled by dual setting digital temperature indicator-cum-controller for setting two different temperatures for Day and Night with 7 day programmable micro processed control

  • Humidity from ambient to 95% +3%
  • RH controlled by controller at temperature that ranges from ambient to 50°C which is achieved through injecting steam
  • Arrangement for increasing humidity is provided in the system

Cooling System:
  • Chamber’s cooling system feature sealed compressor with all accessories & fan cooled condenser fitted at bottom exactly below working chambers
  • This helps in providing for efficient cooled desired temperature

Lighting System:
  • Exterior illumination with fluorescent tubes comes fitted on both sides of chamber accounts for artificial day light
  • Cyclic illumination conditions regulated by automatic 0-24 hrs timer
  • When all tubes are in ON condition, temperature from 15°C to 50°C +1°C can be obtained

Technical Specifications:
570 x 875 x 550 mm 10 cu. ft. 280 Ltrs
775 x 900 x 775 mm 20 cu. ft. 560 Ltrs
835 x 1200 x 825 mm 30 cu. ft. 840 Ltrs
900 x 1720 x 800 mm 45.8 cu. ft. 1282 Ltrs

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Salt Spray Chamber

Salt Spray Chamber comprise future oriented accelerated corrosion testing systems which assist in delivering consistent unmatched accuracy. This salt spray test is also standardized test method that finds usage in checking corrosion resistance of coated samples where the proposed coatings assist in achieving safety against corrosion for metallic parts made of steel, zamak or brass. Further, this salt spray testing process is also popular as it is cheap, quick as well as standardized way of arriving at the results. With the control panel present in the chambers made up of fiber glass, these are sealed using simple self-generating water trap and are easy to adjust and monitor the test conditions. Further, these also allow easy access to test panels or specimens as well as automatic water level control in present humidifier system.

  • Sealed cabinet using simple self-generating water trap
  • Easy adjustment and monitoring of test conditions
  • Total atomization of salt solution
  • Low rate of use: 0.5 litres per hour
  • Easy access to test panels or specimens
  • Automatic water level control in humidifier system

Some of the features of this product are as follows:
  • High performance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Abrasive resistive
  • Rigid construction
  • Accurate dimensions

Technical Specifications:
Test Space Capacity 420 lts to 2000 lts
Temperature Range +35°C to +60°C ±1°C
Humidity Saturated Condition
Fog Collection 0.5ml to 3ml per hour.
Power Required 230 V ±5%, 1 Phase, 50 C/s AC/ 415 V ±5%, 3 Phase, 50 C/s AC
Control System PID type or programmable microprocessor based control system for cyclic chamber.
Features CFC Free semi-sealed/open type refrigeration system, microprocessor based programmable control system.
Performance Conforms to IS 9000, IS 5528, IS 6910, ASTM B 117, JIS 2371, UNICHEM, DIN

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Seed Germinator

Facilitating stable testing environment, the Seed Germinator serves as stability test chamber. It assist the storage of sample testing material and laboratory test samples and is ideal for areas such as seed testing, biological studies and forestry research work. The germinator is appropriate for use in relative humidity environment above freezing point as well as simulation of temperature.

The chamber is illuminated using ultra violet/ fluorescent light along with cyclic timer provides the flexibility in stimulating night/day conditions inside chamber. The germinator chamber has double wall construction with outer surface made of steel sheet and interior of stainless steel. The air circulating fan produces positive air flow and keep the situation consistent within the chamber. The accurate settings of various operational parameters is facilitated with the presence of soft touch keyboard.

The system comes with audio visual alarm with having warning provision for temperature, RH variation and low water level. In addition to this, the system also has digital display provision for humidity and temperature. The system is designed using microprocessor design and security thermostat to stop overheating issues. The germinator is available with built in safety circuit that stops the unit in case of microprocessor break down and cuts off system.

  • The system is complete with the availability of 14 adjustable perforated trays
  • It possess plug and cord to work on 220/230 V A.C. supply
  • The chamber comes with double wall construction with inner chamber constructed of anodized Aluminum or S.S. and external chamber constructed using M.S. sheet with having painted finish

  • The system possess temperature control provision ranging from 5°C to 50°C + 1°C
  • The system is controlled using micro processor based INDICATOR -cum-CONTROLLER

  • The chamber is suitable for achieving 90% to 95% + 3% RH Humidity
  • A reservoir is fitted at the bottom of the chamber for the creation of humidity

Technical Specifications:
570 x 875 x 550 mm 10 cu. ft 280 Ltrs
775 x 900 x 775 mm 20 cu. ft 560 Ltrs
835 x 1200 x 825 mm 30 cu. ft 840 Ltrs
900 x 1720 x 800 mm 45.8 cu. ft 1282 Ltrs

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Stability Test Chamber

Stability Test Chamber solutions offered by us are precision designed and developed so as to provide quality solutions for stability testing of complete range of components, materials as well as systems manufactured including assemblies. Other than this, these stability test chambers also assist in providing solutions for storage of laboratory test samples and testing of material samples. With the stability test chambers supplied in a range of sizes, these meet a range of requirements. The system also comes with features like high energy efficiency, compact, proven technology, wide voltage range and ozone friendly refrigerants.

These stability tests are also important step in developing new drugs and pharmaceutical substances and form indispensable element in licensing process as defined by federal regulating authorities. Further, these tests are important for safeguarding quality of product within framework of defined quality standards. The test chambers also have provision of collecting the data in printed format from up to eight different points that include six temperature points and two humidity points present within chamber.

  • Double walled unit having inner chamber made of anodized Aluminum or S.S.
  • Outer chamber made of M.S. Sheet that is duly painted
  • Supplied complete with 14 adjustable perforated trays
  • Complete with cord and plug to work on 220/230 V A.C. Supply

  • Micro processor based INDICATOR -cum-CONTROLLER for controlling temperature from 5°C to 50°C + 1°C

  • Humidity created in S.S. Water reservoir fitted at bottom so as to provide 90% to 95% + 3% RH Humidity

Technical Specifications:
570 x 875 x 550 mm 10 cu. ft. 280 Ltrs
775 x 900 x 775 mm 20 cu. ft. 560 Ltrs
835 x 1200 x 825 mm 30 cu. ft. 840 Ltrs
900 x 1720 x 800 mm 45.8 cu. ft. 1282 Ltrs

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Walk in Chamber

Walk In Chamber offered by us are highly cost effective & reliable high volume working solutions for test applications concerning stability studies. These chambers are designed for reproducing & closely monitoring environment with precise combination of humidity and temperature. Further, the walk in chamber is made available in standard size and in customized specifications so as to suit layout and requirements. For superior performance, the interiors of the chambers are fabricated from superior grade stainless steel with dull finish as well as exterior featuring stainless steel / G.I. powder coated finish. Further, with the inner working chamber being made of water & vapor tight high-grade stainless steel, all seams are arc welded & passivity for achieving superior strength & durability.

Full View Glass Door
  • Multi pane viewing door that prevents condensation as well as at the same time also allow clear product view
  • Inner & outer doors sealed around entire perimeter using silicon sponge rubber gasket

Air Circulation
  • Highly efficient air circulating system that is integral part of chamber construction
  • Features direct drive design having extended shaft electric motor that is coupled to aluminum centrifugal blower wheel
  • Horizontal airflow across chamber working space that provides even & accurate temperature gradient

  • Heavy duty solid stainless steel
  • Duly electro polished wire mesh type trays provided that are easy to clean, saves time, effort as well as are also adjustable for superior usage convenience

There is variety of versions offered to meet specific operation requirements. These include:
  • Walk-in-Cooler (For below ambient & sub zero temp)
  • Walk-in incubator (For above ambient temp)
  • Walk-in-Humidity/Stability Chamber (For temp + Humidity control)

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